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Our T-shirts are 'Made To Order' with the following details:

  • Made in the UK by Veterans & Reservists
  • Designed for Vets, Military & Civilian Supporters
  • Printed in our Signature 'Worn/Distressed' Style
  • Unisex Tagless Force Wear Standard Sized Fit
  • Hard Wearing Double Needle Stitching
  • 100% Cotton (PT Grey: 65% Polyester/35% Cotton)
  • Machine Wash 30 Deg & Tumble Dry Low

 'We Are Veteran Owned & Operated'




Reviews (2)

John Cassidy 16th Jun 2018

Winged warrior t-shirt

The shirt is excellent in design, quality and dispatching. If had space for more I would buy all there stuff.

Simon Garland 16th Mar 2018


Normally I try to write an amusing review. Can’t do it with this top, sorry. Warriors RV isn’t a group, it isn’t a club, Warriors RV is a way of thinking, a way of life and a mind-set. This new top, which let’s face it is an epic design (detail on it is out of this world) sums up what Warriors RV is about. During my time down range as a REMF who never went on a patrol I was given ‘Guardian Angel’ duties. Walking around the cookhouse & situations where local nationals were mixing with coalition forces in full gear weapon at the ready to keep an eye on the others whilst they ate & worked in peace and relative safety. Warriors RV is the post military guardian angel; just like the design. Warriors watch out for one another. We have each other’s backs. (See IGY6 T-shirt). When a Warrior is down we are there to help them up. When a Warrior is suffering we will sit with them, call them and just do what’s needed to seem them right. Force Wear has knocked it out the park with this new design. Be a part of something special. The picture doesn’t do the top justice, the wing wraps around your side when it is worn.

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Additional Info